Posted by Laurel Collins , Friday, May 28, 2010 9:36 PM

I listed my first four items on Etsy!! Yay!!

I have around 6 more finished to list, but I haven't had the chance to write up little blurbs about them yet. It actually takes quite a bit to get the pictures and everything in order to actually get the listings completed, so I will be more prepared for that the next time around.

Also, it seems that I need to learn how to take pictures specifically for Etsy... Some of them aren't centered quite right. And I need to be more creative with the naming.... *cringe*

Anyways, nothing new to report on the crafting front. It seems that I have taken off with the jewelry making at the moment. Need to actually do a few knitting projects as well. Also, on the etching front, it seems the glass etcher I ordered wasn't the kind of item I was looking for. I ordered a Dremel Engraver which is quite a bit more heavy duty than my old Inland glass engraver. I decided to return it and am going to reorder the same Inland model I used to have. It is a great little engraver that is perfect for random etching projects. It probably isn't as durable as the Dremel, but it works perfectly for etching wine glasses and such.

That is all for the moment. I have to go do the dishes now. *sigh*

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Erin - Kynera's Jewels Says:

You've really got a talent for wire wrapping; I love your pendants, such pretty shapes. I'm following your blog now :) If you'd like to follow a fellow jewelry diva I'm here

Laurel Collins Says:


Your blog looks interesting! Always nice to find another jewelry diva!

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