More Necklaces!

Posted by Laurel Collins , Wednesday, May 19, 2010 4:10 PM

Found my camera! Yay!

So, first of all I finally put that copper wire pendant I made onto a chain. Also added a few beads. I really like how this one turned out and I almost hate to send it away.

This next one was made with picasso jasper beads with a few turquoise beads thrown in. I just love how every jasper bead is so different! Also, I got the idea for the clover head pin from this web page. Apparently there is a tool called a WigJig that is specially made to form wire loops, but it is quite easy to get the same effect using only a pair of round nose pliers.

Lastly is a necklace I whipped together using these pearlescent glass beads that have been sitting around in my jewelry kit for years. Quite a simple design, but I just really like these colors.

That is all for now. Just waiting for my new glass etcher to arrive in the mail! Yay!

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Janet Says:

I really like these necklaces! I am tempted to buy the copper wire pendant one...

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