Fuzzy Knitted Hat and Rosette Rings!

Posted by Laurel Collins , Monday, May 3, 2010 1:33 AM

Managed to finish the hat! Yay! A fairly easy project that actually turned out really nice! It also fits my boyfriend's head perfectly! Now I just need to get a picture when he isn't asleep....

I was browsing for new jewelry tutorials yesterday and came across one that looked simple, yet pretty.

The Rosette Wire Wrapped Ring

This tutorial is fabulous! It calls for 22 gauge wire, but the closest I had was 20 gauge. I feel like this made the rings I made a bit more difficult to shape, but they actually turned out quite nice!

I would love to experiment with this more. Possibly by mixing copper and silver wire together or adding small beads. I definitely need to acquire 22 gauge wire as well as a ring mandrel. I ended up using a Burt's Bees lip balm container to wrap the wire around and it would probably be better if I could get the sizing a little more accurate.

Excellent tutorial from McFarland Designs!

2 Response to "Fuzzy Knitted Hat and Rosette Rings!"

Tiki Says:

Dude, that ring is ridiculously awesome!

Laurel Collins Says:

Hee hee! Awwww! Thanks! Once I manage to acquire a ring mandrel, you can send me your ring size and I can make one for you....

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