Next project....

Posted by Laurel Collins , Tuesday, May 11, 2010 11:53 AM

I have decided what crafting project I want to continue with!!

I have an assortment of blank wine glasses that I have been meaning to etch for awhile now, so it is time to decorate them! The only problem is, I think my glass etcher tool was in one of the boxes my movers failed to deliver when I moved across the country. Darn. Well, I guess I will have to find another one on the internet. Anyways, while I search for the etching tool around here before committing to purchase a new one, I am going to search around and look for some design ideas. Additionally, I am going to continue making different pieces of jewelry with the random assortment of beads and wire I still have laying around.

Here is a sample of a wine glass I etched in the past for a friend:

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