New Idea...

Posted by Laurel Collins , Friday, June 4, 2010 2:41 PM

I have been having lots of fun with wire jewelry recently (for evidence, see my Etsy page...), so I think I am going to play with this medium for awhile.

So, I have been watching X-Files recently and was thinking.... What about wire crop circles? They always have such interesting designs and there are loads of different kinds out there. I can try to make them out of wire, right?

Well, I have already started! This is the first one I am playing with:

I found this crop circle picture here. Right now I have the main shapes done, but a long way to go to finish the rest of the wire wrapping. Also, I need to find some interesting new beads to add on....

That is all for the moment. Back to the crafting!

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Laura Says:

Great idea! These are very nice pieces!

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