Wire Wrapped Lapis Ring

Posted by Laurel Collins , Wednesday, June 30, 2010 12:22 AM

Here is a quick spur of the moment project I finished a few days ago. I only had a little bit of silver wire left, so I decided to try and craft a ring! Here is what I came up with:

It was a bit difficult to get the wire to cooperate, but I think it turned out okay in the end! I used small lapis lazuli beads for this ring since they looked so nice with the silver.

I have to admit that I was a little hesitant to post the picture of me wearing it... I always feel like my fingers look silly in photographs. Silly fingers!

Here is the video that I first saw explaining how to make wire wrapped rings: Auntie's Beads. This tutorial is quite helpful in showing the basics! And wow there are loads of tutorials up on YouTube! Will have to check out a few more later.

That is all for tonight! It is late and I should be asleep... *sigh*

3 Response to "Wire Wrapped Lapis Ring"

TiFfAllyB Says:

Your jewelry is beautiful! I have been wanting to try and make a ring like this for myself but haven't done it yet.
Fingers do kind of look a little awkward in pictures. I prefer to take a picture of my entire hand instead.

Dynamite With a Laser Beam Says:

Dude, you are awesome!

Thus sayeth a drive-by Robin.

Laurel Collins Says:

Awww! Thanks guys!

(yay for drive-by Robins!) Hee hee!

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