Wire Wrapped Shell Pendants

Posted by Laurel Collins , Thursday, April 15, 2010 5:25 PM

So, I found this project to be quite easy and fun. I had a few different colors of jewelry wire in different gauges (16, 20, and 26). It was quite hard for me to shape the 16 gauge wire, so I think that I will have to wait on using it again until I gain a little more practice. The pieces are arranged in the order I made them. The ones on the left being my first attempts! I think they turned out okay.

This project is great for those who don't have too much experience since most of the crafting is pretty freeform. The 26 and 20 gauge wires were great and are easily bent in a design of your choice! Just play with it! You will need wire cutters as well as a pair of needle nose pliers to help with the shaping, but most of the work is done with your own two hands.

So, I am feeling pretty good about this first project. It didn't take me too long, yet I feel accomplished!

Hmmmm, thoughts for the next project? Well, since every pendant needs a chain to become a necklace, I think my next project will be to string each of these pendants on chains. Maybe add in some other decorative touches?

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