A New Beginning

Posted by Laurel Collins , Wednesday, April 14, 2010 3:54 PM

So, after watching the movie Julie & Julia, I felt inspired to make a blog. I rarely finish things, like the main character, and lately this problem has been making me feel quite worthless. This blog is for me to track and review different crafting projects. I have so many tools, project ideas, and supplies for knitting, jewelry crafting, sewing, etc. that have been languishing in the dark corners of my closet, under my bed, and hidden in the drawers of my desk.

It is time to make a stand and start using these things. I must get my house uncluttered!!

My first project:
Wire wrapped shell jewelry pieces.

I need to start with something small and easy to finish. As the proverb goes, "From small beginnings come great things."

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