More Metalsmithing

Posted by Laurel Collins , Wednesday, March 2, 2011 4:09 PM

Well, we didn't exactly get to the riveting last night. Instead we worked on texture and annealing.

For my piece I chose to texture it using a dapping tool. I really like the speckled effect! It kind of reminds me of a starry sky.

Additionally, we learned a bit about patinas including using liver of sulfur on both bronze and copper. I already posted about my experiences using this substance, so I will just post a quick link back to my previous posts where you can find examples of copper pieces that have been patinated as well as a quick tutorial link.

I still have a bit of polishing left to do as well before the two pieces can be joined. Again, next week I should be back with a post on riveting! The next project after this is to make a silver ring and I just cannot wait to come back here with a finished piece!

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