New Year's Resolution

Posted by Laurel Collins , Tuesday, January 4, 2011 3:32 PM

I have been trying to come up with a New Year's Resolution recently that I can reasonably succeed at without failing in the first few weeks! Well, I stumbled on to FabricFascination's blog and have decided to do this same resoltion:

Challenge myself to complete at least one project every week in 2011.

It doesn't sound horribly hard, but at the same time this will also be my first full year crafting for my Etsy shop. There will definitely be more times when I will need a bit of extra motivation!

Here it is, my first project of the new year completed!

Also, I have been trying to come up with my next tutorial project and have finally found one! I am gathering the supplies now and will definitely be posting the project within the next few weeks! *sneaky sneaky*

Happy New Year!!

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kimbuktu Says:

This is beautiful, thanks for posting to the 52 week challenge. Our first official post is tomorrow, so be sure and check back each Wednesday to post your project.

I am so excited to see everyone's creations.


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