Ear Cuffs Again!

Posted by Laurel Collins , Thursday, November 11, 2010 1:15 PM

Finished two! Yay!

Here are my first attempts. I actually really like the way these turned out! The hardest part about making these is finding the right size to clip on to the ear. The first one I made (not pictured) was actually waaaay too small. These turned out just right!

I decided to add a garnet bead to the second one I made. Just a bit of extra ornamentation!

Definitely going to have to play with these more!

Oh, and the picture above? Extremely hard to take when you are wearing the ear piece and trying to take the picture at the same time!!

10 Response to "Ear Cuffs Again!"

Tiki Says:

Ooooo, you might have to make me baby ear cuffs.

Tiki Says:

Baby as in smaller ones. I can't wear the fancy ones with the extra elaboration (as adorable as they are), because they get tangled with my other earrings or my hair. My head is war zone.

Maggie Says:

Omg those are so neat I love them


Laurel Collins Says:

Thanks so much! Your bows are adorable!!

Tiki: Hee hee! I will definitely have to come up with some... Definitely need to keep playing around with earcuffs! ;)

Anonymous Says:

how do we get one?

Erin Clifford Says:

I want one! How do I make them?

Ystran goes No Poo Says:

Oh fantastic. Now I can have jewelry on my ears without piercing them :-)
Thank you so much for this inspiration!

Anonymous Says:

Amazing *-*

Anonymous Says:

It also looks cute as a ring!

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